Mark J. Sidhu CMT
Due to health issues. I cannot schedule appts till 2023.


Use your Flexible Spending/Health Savings Account for massage

Many of my clients use their FSA/HSAs towards their bodywork, often planning ahead for the coming year. Consider how much you want to put towards bodywork as part of your health program. I provide itemized receipts with technical procedure codes that help clients get reimbursed. Often this is all the client needs and it is an easy process. Some insurance companies require a diagnosis or a referral from their doctor. The best way that most of my clients have found to get reimbursed is to get a prescription from their primary care provider. Often, if your doctor finds out you have any condition, up to and including moderate back pain, for which massage is a logical course of treatment, they will refer you out for a certain number of bodywork sessions. The prescription that they give you, when paired with my receipts, can usually be submitted to your insurance provider to obtain reimbursement. Some PPO plans don’t require a prescription if massage is already covered and simply providing your itemized receipt from me can be enough. Massage therapists do not diagnose and I cannot provide you with a diagnosis code.